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King’s University(KU) is spiritually empowered micro school with online distance education. KU offers students a complete educational experience through a unique integrated learning model that combines accredited higher education (on-going) with practical ministry experience in dynamic local churches aligned in Korea and multiple cites in the United States.


Our educational mission that emphasizes academic excellence in profession, as well as social and moral responsibility, is exactly what is needed in the modern and fast changing world of Information and Communication Technology era that we live in. With our outstanding faculty and staff members, our mission is to educate you, our friends, to be successful, contributing members of professional society by providing them with a holistic education through life long time distance education.


KU’s dynamic learning environments in Saipan enable its students to learn, develop skills and talents, and grow in relationships with fellow students around the world, faculty members and with the Lord. KU offers you the flexibility to customize your course schedule. You can take courses on-ground during the day or evening at our sister campuses, Youngnam Cyber University and Youngnam Foreign Language University in Korea, online or a combination of the two.


Extraordinary begins inside and it all starts with King's International University!


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Board of the Trustee

Dr. Jonghwa Kim

Pastor at KU & Taegu Tourism Highschool



KOREA OFFICE 782 Namcheon-Ro St, Foreign Professors' Office Suite#301 Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbukdo South Korea TEL : +82 053-810-0133 FAX : +82 053-810-0139
SAIPAN CAMPUS Chalan Pae Arnold Rd. Middle Road Calan Laulau Saipan, Nothern Mariana Islands MP 969650 TEL : +1 670-234-1361~2 FAX : +1 670-234-9857